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Various restoration projects are carried out in the event of disasters to help victims quickly recover and return to their normal lives. Hope Bridge is the only legal relief organization authorized by the Korean government to provide relief aid for damages caused by natural disasters in Korea. Various emergency relief programs are carried out to help our neighbors who have lost their homes due to unforeseen disasters. Production and supply of disaster relief goods sets, laundry relief activities using laundry vehicles, and pleasant temporary residences instead of container houses are used for relief activities so that victims can find stability in their lives.

Disaster Relief Goods Set

* Sets

Temporary Relief Set: Given to neighbors in temporary shelters when disasters are expected
Emergency Relief Set: Given to temporary guests at shelters, and neighbors who have experienced flooding or damages in their homes
Cooking Relief Set: Given to neighbors returning from shelters, or who had damaged homes

* Items included in Sets

Emergency Relief Set: blankets (2), toothbrush, soap, towels (2), toilet paper, pillow, flashlight, pen, notepad, light raincoat, cotton gloves, hand mirror, comb, simple clothing, underwear, socks, (men’s) razors, (women’s) sanitary pads,

Laundry Relief Activities

Laundry relief activities include laundry services offered to victims of disasters using a mobile laundry vehicle. When there are disasters, vehicles and personnel are sent to the site to perform relief activities. When there are no disasters or incidents, laundry services for big blankets are carried out for households vulnerable to disasters. The laundry relief vehicles, which were introduced in 2006, include three large 18kg laundry machines and three driers. There are two 5-ton vehicles and one 7-ton vehicle. One laundry relief vehicle can wash laundry for about 130 households in eight hours.

Home Repair Service

The Hope Bridge Volunteers go to homes that have been damaged due to unforeseen disasters or are in disrepair due to financial difficulties to help families put up new wallpaper or repair the floors. This is one of the main relief projects of the association, and volunteer personnel are recruited through regular volunteer activities. It is one of the association’s regular service activities, and is provided both during disasters and normal times.

Temporary Residential Facility Support

‘Love Homes’ are built for neighbors who have lost their homes. Over 300 homes are completely destroyed every year due to natural disasters. Hope Bridge provides temporary residential facilities to help support those in need. The temporary residences are assembly-type homes that are 6m x 3m (about 16m2) and can be moved and installed conveniently. Each residence is equipped with electric and communication facilities, bathrooms, sinks, boilers and fire extinguishers so that two to three adults can live in it comfortably. The temporary residences are built with high quality materials that have passed inspections by official testing institutes, and can be used in both the summer and winter seasons.